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Due to lockdown, I will now only be doing one post run a week. This will be on Fridays. If you receive a shipping email, this means your order is packed and will be sent the Friday directly after. I will no longer be offering collection until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding

The most wonderful smelling, vibrant melts on the market! I absolutely love everything I've ever had from Rebel Melts 🥰🥰


Great range of scents available, quick turnaround, lovely packaging and every bar is so beautiful 😍 the bars themselves smell lovely and don't take long to fill up a room! I always get lots of compliments on how lovely my flat smells thanks to Rebel Melts! Georgia can also tailor to custom requests if you're after a specific scent which is an added bonus!


I would highly recommend rebel melts, the scents are amazing and so much choice to suit everyone. very quick turnaround and the scents last a good while too. I can smell them all over my house absolutely amazing x